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We offer people custom and affordable websites to communicate with their clients, showcase their achievements, and be authorities on personal and professional interests. The digital experiences we create for brands communicating their unique services are impeccable. We make CREATIVITY personal, revolutionizing your business brand identity.
We work directly with you, providing custom, unique solutions that cater to your area of business. Here at Avner, we are committed to expanding our client’s business capabilities while at the same time, becoming a trusted partner for their future growth. We keep our homebase in Lagos, Nigeria and throw in a cultivated group of trusted partners in order to put together a responsive and focused team for you.

Here at Avner, we offer a variety of shared hosting plans suitable for all types of small to mid-range websites.
Our virtual dedicated servers are ideal for sites that need more isolation and flexibility than shared web hosting, but are not quite ready for a dedicated server.
If your website has advanced needs that don’t fit into traditional shared web hosting, our custom hosting solutions might be an ideal fit.

We at Avner Integrated Resources Ltd are devoted to creating the best user experiences and producing creative and engaging content for every client. No matter the size of your company, if you wish to compete in today’s marketplace or make a difference in the world, an exceptional website is essential. Your online image is one of your most precious assets, and we are a top design agency because we know how to construct a site that will wow your customers without causing financial distress.
Do you have an existing website that is stuck in the year 2003? Let us revamp it and bring it into the present. Started a new business that needs a beautiful website designed and published? We have you covered! We can even maintain and manage your website utilizing the latest technology.Our development services include: -Basic Web Development (HTML/CSS, PHP, Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript) -Basic and Advanced Content Management Systems -Basic and Advance Database Integration -Web Application Design Strategy/Database design -Advanced Web Applications -Basic and Advanced E-Commerce Solutions -Social Networking and Community/Membership Websites -Enterprise Web Portal Development.

However, in addition to our technical expertise, we are also devoted to customer service and the end user’s experience. We want to make long-term customers,make customers friends and we believe you must offer competitive value along with excellent support and a knowledgeable staff in order to achieve this.

The best web development companies are always up-to-date with online trends, website development styles, and recent fads, and that is what we do.

Visual branding is crucial to business success in general. Avner believes in creative branding that both looks good and delivers the appropriate message to your target audience. We belive that if the strategy is right and the design is executed correctly, it will be effective in achieving actual results for your business.
Our goal is to deliver branding packages that offer good value for money because they work. We want all of our clients, regardless of their size or the scale of the branding project, to achieve a good return on their design investment.
Below is a list of what we do:

We don’t mean to brag but we are proficient in using a number of different open source software that suit your demands and preferences. Varying from WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Droopal, Web2py, SilverStripe, ImpressCMS, Moodle and more; we do a total reformation and customization to suit your needs. Our Open Source signature-design websites, powered & deployed with the likes of WordPress, Joomla e.t.c are hyper-user-friendly and search engine friendly. We always create an online environment where you can create and publish content with the least effort.
Basically, we can help you develop your own CMS, App Engine, Learning Environ and so on with the use of any suitable Open Source software.

We have a training academy that reveals all the truth you need to know about programming, website development and apps to you.
If you’re thinking you might want to develop desktop, website to mobile applications, learn or to better brush up on your programming or design skills. You are in luck, our team of seasoned designers,instructors and developers that will reveal the tricks of the industry to you. We also have tons of resources to help you get started. It’ll just take effort and dedication to learn the secrets.
Our training enables you to work on any OS platforms.